Common Plumbing Issues You Should Let the Pros Handle

common plumbing issues

Any homeowner who reads up on their plumbing issue and follows the in depth instructions to solve it always gets props from the team at Blue Star. Unfortunately, not all problems can be solved by watching a how-to video. These types of videos often don’t consider your particular situation or component model. Plus, the technique required to solve each issue doesn’t always transfer through the screen. One small slip and the next thing you know, you’ll be wading through a mini lake in your home.

When you don’t know whether to find a solution yourself or call in an expert, you can refer to this list for the most common plumbing issues only a professional should handle.

Leaking faucets

While this issue may seem easy to handle on your own, there are several components that could be causing your faucet to leak. From warn out washers and seals to a bad cartridge, there a number of things to check when fixing a leaky faucet. Plumbers will know exactly where to look and perform the repair service quickly. This is crucial to avoid wasting gallons of water through the leak.

Burst pipes

Every homeowner should have a plan in place in case they ever have to deal with a burst pipe. You should know where your main water valve is and turn it off immediately. The next step should always involve calling a plumber or you might risk making the issue worse!

Water heater leak

Water heaters are deceivingly complex, and a leak can stem from a faulty component or a worn out water heater. The best way to be sure and avoid further flooding is to let a pro take a look at it.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure makes it hard to clean anything, which causes all homeowners unnecessary strain. Although some water pressure problems can be resolved by checking the home’s water valves, they might also indicate a blockage somewhere in the system. Only way to know is by calling the team at Blue Star.

Replacing your toilet

Toilet issues are incredibly common, which makes them the number one issue homeowners attempt to resolve themselves. Since toilets are another finicky component of your plumbing, any issues with replacing one can lead to flooding or irreparable damage.

Fixing the garbage disposal

We often get questions about garbage disposals and how they function, and to be honest, it can get pretty complicated. Trying to repair a garbage disposal can cause flooding or injury if instructions aren’t followed perfectly.

Sewer line backup

Everyone homeowners nightmare includes sewage coming up out of their drains. This is an issue that needs prompt attention. By calling a plumber, you don’t have to deal with the waste longer than you have to!

Leak detection

Leaks happen. Where they happen is harder to determine for the average homeowner. You might see water damage forming on your walls or ceilings but locating the source of the leaks takes skilled leak detection services.

At Blue Star Plumbing, each member of our team goes through extensive training to stay up to date on the latest advancements in the plumbing industry. There isn’t a problem that our plumbers can’t handle. Plus, with the dedication they bring to every service, there isn’t a better group to call when you need some expert assistance.