Eco-Friendly Plumbing Tips for Earth Day

water saving toilet

Did you know you can aid the environment by making eco-friendly decisions with your plumbing? Our planet needs help more so now than ever before. Still, if that’s not reason enough to make some of the switches we detail below, environmental responsibility can even save a few bucks.

You’d be surprised how much wasted water, energy, and repairs add up every year. With some of the below methods and appliances, you could cut down on expenses while making better choices for the future. In celebration of Earth Day, here are some of the most useful eco-friendly plumbing tips!

Water-Saving Toilets

Single flush toilets are a thing of the past! Now, homeowners can install dual-flush systems and save hundreds of dollars in water each year. If your toilet hasn’t been replaced since the 90s, you could be flushing over three gallons of water every time you use the restroom.

Using the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense Calculator, you can calculate how much you could be saving with a WaterSense toilet, based on your current toilets’ age and the number of people in your home.

With one flush for liquid waste and one for solid waste, a dual flush toilet can make all the difference for water conservation.

Tankless Water Heaters

For an energy-efficient appliance, tankless water heaters offer a new world of convenience as well. Aside from being far more compact than their counterparts, tankless water heaters deliver on-demand hot water. When you need hot water for washing your hands or cleaning dishes, water rushes through the tankless system and is heated by the electric or gas mechanism instantly.

What’s more, the energy savings make these systems the number one choice among Blue Star customers. According to the Department of Energy, an on-demand water heater saves 25%-50% more energy than a conventional unit depending on your family’s water consumption. These efficient appliances also last longer than tank heaters. It’s an obvious choice for large households.

Pipe Insulation

Certain sized pipes can lead to increased heat loss as they’re too big for the amount of water flowing through them. The initial installation of your plumbing is a key opportunity to tap into energy-saving and water-saving technology. Homeowners with pre-existing plumbing, however, can still insulate their pipes to retain heat.

Pipes made out of copper corrode more easily, amplifying energy loss, but pipes made out of steel and other durable materials last longer and insulate better. You can still insulate your copper or plastic plumbing with foam covers.

Insulation reduces the amount of heat lost through the plumbing, which can save you energy and money long-term.

Blue Star encourages all homeowners to examine where they can make eco-friendly changes. For instance, even turning the faucet off while brushing your teeth can conserve water.

Every bit helps when it comes to our planet. If we all made environmentally friendly choices regarding our plumbing, water consumption, and energy consumption, we would be one step closer to making our world a more sustainable place to live.