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Every strong tree has a robust and durable trunk to support it. Much the same way, all of the various drains and drain lines that weave throughout your home all need to lead somewhere. That somewhere is your sewer line—a large, durable pipe that carries all of the collected waste and wastewater out to the public sewer system or to a septic tank for processing. Your sewer line needs to be reliable, well-built, and free from obstructions, gaps, or other problems that prevent it from safely and securely doing its job. If something does go wrong, the consequences can be downright disastrous.

Blue Star Plumbing LLC offers a great selection of premium sewer line services designed to handle whatever you might need. From older homes with older sewers to newer homes with the latest technology, we offer a world-class customer experience that prioritizes results that bring you back for all of the help you need time and time again. From removing blockages to fixing leaks, we treat every job with the urgency it demands, and we always do our best to work quickly and restore your peace of mind. We always try to shy away from invasive sewer line procedures if possible, and we always utilize eco-friendly technology to take care of the world around us as well as your home.

Tired of a clogged or damaged sewer line preventing your home from functioning properly? Call Blue Star Plumbing LLC at (214) 800-4575 today and have it fixed as soon as possible.

Sewer Cleaning

Over time, sewer lines tend to pick up a lot of grime, debris, and waste that accumulates on the walls of the line itself. This debris can slowly collect and form a nasty blockage or obstruction that severely inhibits or even fully stops the flow of water and waste through your sewer line. Whether your sewer is moving slowly or has stopped entirely, the way to solve the problem is with a comprehensive sewer cleaning service from the team at Blue Star Plumbing LLC. We have the right tools to handle the job quickly, and we always hold ourselves to high standards so your sewer will not only move smoothly once again, but will stay problem-free for a long time to come.

We can clean any type of debris and grime out of your sewer line, including:

  • Food waste
  • Fats and oils
  • Fecal matter
  • Hair clogs
  • Paper products
  • Rocks
  • Tree roots

Sewer lines have to deal with the added threat of potential intrusion from external sources. As tree roots grow and expand, they constantly creep out and look for sources of water and nutrients they can absorb. The waste and water in a sewer line functions as a brilliant source of food and water for a growing tree, and a root in a sewer line can quickly expand to completely block the entire line (and possibly damage it). Our rooter services solve this problem and prevent it from returning with proper sewer line repairs.

Video Sewer Inspection

Not sure what’s preventing your sewer line from working properly? That’s okay! Blue Star Plumbing LLC offers high-quality video sewer inspection services. This service involves feeding a specialized high-definition camera into your sewer through a cleanout, and allows our plumbers to get a first-person view of what condition the inside of your line is in. This allows us to accurately locate damage, determine the best way to conduct repairs, and implement solutions that we know will fix the issue properly with minimal impact on your property.

Trenchless Sewer Repair & Replacement

At Blue Star Plumbing LLC, we always do whatever we can to minimize the amount of stress or frustration you experience from a major plumbing service, and this includes sewer line repairs or replacement. We utilize trenchless sewer repair or replacement methods to take care of large jobs without having to completely dig up your property, minimizing rebuild time and taking care of the problem without the costly reconstruction process.

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  • “Nathan and Seth were fantastic and did a great job today.”

    - Emmie
  • “The only company able to find my fitting. (Others wanted to bust out my wall).”

    - Kathy A.
  • “I will absolutely use this company again for any plumbing problems!”

    - Monica K.
  • “Hopefully all is going now. Appreciate their hard work.”

    - Linda C.
  • “I would highly recommend Blue Star Plumbing and will continue to use them.”

    - Nicholas S.

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