Popular Drain Unclogging Tools & When to Call a Plumber

Person with gloved hands using an auger or drain snake to unclog a sink.

How To Troubleshoot Clogs Before Calling A Plumber

You may already have a clog on your hands—a sink that won’t drain or a tub that won’t empty—or you want to prepare for the inevitable. The truth is almost all homes deal with a clogged drain at least once. The best homeowners, though, can handle it without breaking a sweat.

You’re one of those homeowners. With the Blue Star experts here to guide your shower water to its proper place, there isn’t any need to worry.

Some homeowners might think, “if it gets the clog out, it works, right?” Believe it or not, there are drain tools that are excellent and those that are lousy. We’ll get one out of the way.

Should I Use Liquid Drain Cleaner?

This standard household tool burns through hair, sediment, and grime. As effortless as this tool may be, however, the harsh chemicals will damage your pipes. Plus, these cleaners may only temporarily solve the issue. To clear the whole clog, we recommend safer, more consistent tools.

Interestingly, there is specific drain unclogging equipment for various occasions. Some snakes work better than augers for different kinds of clogs. Let us explain.

What Tools Should I Use For Toilet Clogs?

As soon as you see the water start to rise from your toilet after you flush, you grab the plunger. Your standard plunger is terrific for toilets clogged by waste. You will quickly realize if your issue is resolved or getting worse.

An ordinary plunger won’t solve a deeper clog, and the pumping action can actually push a clog further down your sewer line. Additionally, if anything else is causing your clog, like a child’s toy perhaps, a more advanced tool is needed.

The best tool for toilet clogs is a toilet auger because of its distinct shape and ease of use. A couple of turns of the auger and your toilet will be right as rain.

Shower Drains And Hair Snakes

Much less threatening than a toilet clog is the slow-draining shower. Though, standing in a couple of inches of water as you try to shower is still more than a nuisance. Clogs in these drains are usually the result of a collection of hair and dirt but can also be caused by soap scum, or the combination of soap materials and hard water.

A hair snake, the cheapest tool of all uncloggers, can easily handle a superficial shower clog. You can pick one up at a home improvement store or even a convenience store.

When pulling out the debris in your drain, make sure you have a trash bag on hand as things can get messy.

Corded Snakes Are Better For Sink Drains

Your sinks are a little trickier but not wholly different from your shower drains. The problem is the same: slow drain caused by hair and soap scum but now also toothpaste residue. The size of the drain calls for a slightly more specialized tool than a hair snake.

We recommend a simple corded snake for more precise movements.

When Should I Call A Professional For Clogged Drains?

Any clog that can’t be handled with standard tools needs an expert eye. Sewer clogs can be dealt with by a heavy-duty tool such as a drum machine or hydro Jetter, but the best way to know which tool to use is to figure out what is causing the problem. A professional plumber will have to use a camera inspection system to identify and locate the clog.

At Blue Star, we have the latest technology to handle every clog you could imagine. Just give us a call at (214) 800-4575 if you can’t get your drains under control!

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