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North Texas is notorious for a lot of things: big hats, big skies, big storms, and big levels of mineral content in our drinking water. Hard water is a notorious problem in homes and businesses throughout the DFW metroplex, and that leads to a number of challenges we face in our homes. Hard water contributes to the premature failure of water-centric appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters. It also causes added wear and tear on water lines, clogs in your sewer, and can even make chores like cooking, cleaning, or washing clothing even more difficult. Blue Star Plumbing LLC has the answer: a whole-home water softener system.

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What Is Hard Water?

While the water that comes from our public water supply has been deemed to be clean enough for average consumption and use, it isn’t by any means pure. Our water contains trace amounts of a number of substances, and often more than a trace amount of certain others. Hard water is water that contains elevated levels of minerals, notably calcium and magnesium. When the two of these minerals combine, they form a chalky white substance known as limescale that you might see on your plumbing fixtures all around your home.

Hard water is not at all uncommon, and in fact it’s a pretty standard water problem in communities not just around North Texas, but throughout the country. And it isn’t bad for you either—water-borne calcium is a crucial part of our diet, particularly for those who have bone density issues. It isn’t unusual for our water to absorb these minerals from the groundwater table, where they then carry them throughout the water cycle. However, because these minerals tend to bond with metals in our plumbing system, they can become a problem.

You might have hard water if any of the following are true:

  • Your hair feels dry, stiff, and brittle,
  • You almost always need lotion for dry skin
  • Your food always seems to have a dull or strange flavor
  • Your water appears to have small particles floating around in it
  • Your faucets and fixtures always seem to have a chalky white residue built up on them

How Water Softeners Work

The easiest way to solve a hard water problem is with a professional water softener system. Water softeners work by chemically replacing the mineral content in your water with an ionized substance, typically sodium. As water flows through your water softener, it flows over a resin-based media that is coated with charged sodium ions. Through a chemical reaction, the sodium ions replace the minerals in your water, forcing them out. The free mineral content then bonds to the resin media in your water softener tank, where it sits and waits until it is replaced or recharged.

Water softeners do need occasional maintenance. Depending on your system, this might include replacing your filtration media, or it could simply mean recharging it. Recharging is the process of flushing away the mineral content from your resin-based filtration media and replacing it with a new charged sodium coating that can continue to re-treat your water. Depending on the size of your system and the type of system you install, you might need to maintain your water softener every week or so to roughly once every few months. However, most of these systems use little to no extra power, and their installation is fairly simple, so long as you have easy access to a main water line.

Water Softener Installation & Repairs

At Blue Star Plumbing LLC, we proudly offer all manner of repairs and maintenance for your water softener system. Whether you’re sick of hard water and simply want a solution that works or you’re looking to repair your damaged or inoperative water softener that you already have, our experienced pros will take care of the issue for you as soon as possible and provide you with quality craftsmanship that ensures our solution will last.

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