How to Prepare Your Plumbing for the Summer Heat

summer tips

Summer weather in Texas is no joke. From intense heat to severe storms, our customers’ homes in North Texas can take a beating, which is why the team at Blue Star Plumbing wants to help prepare your home for the upcoming summer months. Our dedicated plumbers will always tell you that it’s better to prepare now than have to deal with expensive repairs later. There’s no need to stress over every detail, though, because we’re here to help ensure your home’s plumbing system will be ready to go this summer! The following is a good check list to have handy for when it’s time to get started on your plumbing:

Improve the efficiency of your water heater.

Cool running water is necessary in the summer to keep your family comfortable and to stay hydrated. You’ll likely be using less hot water than you normally would, say, in the winter, so it’s a good idea to lower your water heater’s temperature to save money in the summer. Another great way to keep your water heater maintained and to improve its efficiency is to schedule a complete flush to clear any sediment in the tank. This is normally recommended before the winter, but if you haven’t scheduled one in the past year, now is a good time to check that off your list. Always inspect your water heater for rust or signs of leaks.

Keep your gutters and drains clear.

Our customers understand firsthand how the unpredictable Texas weather can lead to heavy rainfall and treacherous winds, which can leave unprepared homes flooded. An important plumbing component to have in your home to prevent flooding is a sump pump. Talk to a Blue Star expert about installing one today if any part of your home is below ground level and you don’t already have one. Taking care of your plumbing also includes proper drain maintenance. Keep all debris out of your drains as best you can to prevent leaking and flooding throughout your home.

Be ready to face clogs head on.

Our plumbers are always happy to help you fight even the toughest clog. Whether it’s your garbage disposal, shower drain, or sink drain, we can take care of the stink and mess so you don’t have to. With the amount of water your house will likely use this summer, you and your family might encounter more clogs than usual. While inconvenient, most clogs can be handled with your average drain snake or zip it tool. Homeowners need to be proactive when it comes to clogs in the main sewage line. For these more involved clogs, the Blue Star team can help you resolve them quickly.

Inspect plumbing for leaks.

Leaks can be devastating and very hard to detect for homeowners. If any issues did arise from the winter weather, it’s important to address them before the summer, when your water bill will likely increase. The places where leaks are more easily detected are your faucets, shower heads, around your toilets, and under your sinks. Any signs of moisture or pools of water could mean that you have a leak.

Square away every detail by scheduling a plumbing inspection.

The best way to know exactly what your plumbing system needs is to schedule a plumbing inspection from a trained and licensed plumber. Some issues are just harder for homeowners to detect and require professional-grade equipment and expertise to assess and resolve. Call Blue Star today if you need to schedule your plumbing inspection before the summer heat wave is here!