Why You Have Low Water Pressure

low water pressure

No longer does low water pressure have to be a nuisance! In fact, if you’re dealing with low water pressure in one or several places in your home, it could mean a bigger issue is at work. Whether you’ve experienced pressure problems on the main floor, the second level, or both levels in your home, now is the time to rid yourself of them once and for all.

The most common water pressure issues involve suddenly low pressure while water is running or a sudden spurt of water and then no pressure afterward. There are several reasons you could be experiencing low pressure, especially if it’s a reoccurring issue.

Blue Star is here to ensure you can do what you need to do without interruptions. Here’s why you may have low water pressure and what you can do about it.

There’s a widespread issue.

If your whole home has low water pressure, it might start at the source: your city’s water supply. Investigate further by calling a neighbor to see if they’re having the same issue. If they are, then check with your city. They might already be in the process of a resolution.

A leak is draining your water supply.

In addition to a higher water bill, the low water pressure might be the first indication that you have a leak. If you notice this combination of symptoms, locate your exposed pipes. Finding a leak is no easy task, but our team has advanced technology that detects leaks anywhere in your home. All it takes is a repair, and you’ll be back to perfectly rinsed dishes in no time.

Failing pressure regulator

Near your main shut off valve is the water pressure regulator, if you have one. Just like any plumbing component or system, your water pressure regulator can’t last forever. If your low water pressure results from a failing pressure regulator, you can test the pressure with a gauge. Replace your pressure regulator if you consistently have too high or too low water pressure.

Too many appliances are running.

You may be confused why your water pressure drops off all of a sudden when you’re at home. Think about what you do throughout your day. Do you start the dishwasher and washing machine at the same time? Is everybody taking a shower in the morning while the sprinklers are on outside? The easiest solution to low water pressure would be to stagger your water use as long as that is the cause of the issue.

Low water pressure can be caused by several reasons, some of which can compound each other. Corroded pipes and leaking pipes occur due to age and will do a number on your water pressure. Whatever the issue, Blue Star Plumbing will find the source and provide you with the next steps. Just give us a call if you have water pressure problems.